Router με λεπίδα και δυνατότητα κοπής V. Μπορεί να κόψει και πιό σκληρά υλικά βάζοντας την κατάλληλη κεφαλή.





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1 Base Machine Cutting area 3500mm(Length)*1550mm(Width)





High precision weld frame, Fixed working surface, Vaccum Pump, Electric Motor, Rail, Cutting felt, Pen. Safety device,One cutting beam, One Cutting Head, one set of tools for installation, one set of blades(according to cutting requirements), 2 Dongles, one computer stand
2 Control System Standard control system, totally developed by IECHO R&D Center. Software includes CutterServer and iBrightCut, supporting the popular data formats in the markets. English and Chinese versions are available.
3 Tangent knife˄UCT)  

Universal Cutting Tool, used for through- cutting materials with thicknesses up to 5mm, fast speed and low cost.


4 Creasing Tool  (CTT)  

Creasing on corrugated materials, different creasing tools for different materials can make perfect creasing.


5 One Additional Cutting Head One additional cutting heads  facilitates  for tools inserts, and for the cooperation between creasing and cutting. This not only avoids frequent tools changes,  but also  saves  time and increases production efficiency.  

6 Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT with 1 mm stroke) EOT is available with  1mm stroke. It  is perfectly suited for cutting soft, medium density materials. Such as composite materials,leather,corrugated cardboard,Carton, Foam board, Rubber, woven fabric,etc  

7 Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT with 2.5 mm


EOT is available with 2.5mm stroke, also with the air cooling system, suitable for cutting thicker and harder materials.  

8 V-CUT Normal The V-Cut Normal is used for processing complex structural designs from foamcore or sandwich board materials. 5 different angles

are avaliable ( 0°、15°、22.5°、30°、45°˅


9 V-CUT Power The V-Cut Power is the updated tool of V- Cut Normal, which can cut thicker and hard materials. The 45 degree angle is available.  

10 Kiss-Cut (KCT) Half cut the labels, stickers, and self-adhesive paper accurately  

11 CNC Router A 350W router runs at up to 60000RPM. Spindle is imported from Japan NSK. mainly cut Acyric, Aluminium, Hard-foam, Polycarbonate, Plexiglas, Divinycell, MDF,ABS plate and other hard materials.  

12 Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool is an air- driven tool well suited for cutting tough, dense materials. Processing pressure up to 0.8 Mpa.  Mainly  applied  to fiber, rubber,gasket,felt, pelt, etc  

13 Powerful Driven Rotary Tool (PRT) Upgraded rotary cutting tool with air cooling system, which is designed for cutting all manner of textiles and industrial fabrics reliably and economically. Perfect applications of PRT includes upholstery, bedding, curtains, lampshades, banners, awnings, Roll-up, building covering, hot-air balloon etc.  

14 Punching/Notching tool Notching tool can make “一” ,”v” etc notches on the fabrics; Punching tool can do punching on leather,synthetic leather etc.  

15 Camera Registration System˄CCD˅ For high precise positioning cutting of printed Materials.registration accuracy is 0.1mm; With HD camera, it can scan the positioning marks and cut along the images outlines automatically.  

16 Conveyor System Crawler type conveyor belt, can realize automatic feeding, continuous cutting; Netherlands imported Felt.  

17 Roller Material Loading Device The fabrics rolls can be loaded (less than 200KG),convenient automatic material feeding and manual material pulling;Customizable  

18 Automatic Sheet Feeder Sheets of KT board, carton or other dense paper goods are picked up with vacuum grippers and transferred from the loading table to the cutting surface. Realizing automatic cutting workflow.  


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