Designed for

  • designed for short term indoor applications like Trade Shows, Seasonal Sales etc.
  • mirror inverted printing allows inside mounted window advertising


Product Improvements

  • better print quality, bigger colour gamut
  • higher optical densities, e.g. with (Eco)-Solvent inks
  • new rolls are marked with an extra red lable
  • the order codes will stay the same


Product Features

  • 100 µm monomeric PVC
  • transparent, matt surface
  • frost-glass effect
  • permanent adhesive
  • “dot-shaped” adhesive coat for easier repositioning
  • special-PVC for printing with Solvent-based- and Latex inks
  • HP Latex Inks 3rd generation certified
    (HP L300 series), (HP L500 series) & (HP L1500)
  • highest colour brilliance and photorealistic print quality
  • can be applied on smooth and flat surfaces
  • no chemical reaction between adhesive and solvent inks
  • a slight surface texture is due to the dot shaped adhesive
  • car wrapping is not recommended
  • the base paper of our release liner comes from a PEFC certified source
  • environment friendly waterbased adhesive
  • B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1
  • 3 inch core, printside outside
  • also available in 250m rolls (on 152 mm core) for digital-, UV-offset and screen printing

50 m x 137,2 cm


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